• Name of Agent 
  • City you want to work ( We will work up to a 50 mile radius,  10-25 miles is usually enough)
  • Any undesirable ares or bordering states to be excluded ( if any)


  • Flood your area with over 200 Face book burial insurance ads for prospects ages 50-85
  • Email you interested prospects after THEY initiated for information on burial insurance.
  • Email and text your prospect your name and that you will be contacting them within 48hrs.
  • Provide you with calling script 

Discounted Facebook Leads are here

​Let SFG help you get Started

SFG wants you to experience the power of facebook leads so we are partnering with you on the initial cost for you to try them. Normally leads are $400 for 20 leads - if more come back you get them for free.

*We will take 50% off the first order so now your first 20 leads are $200.00 for 20 leads.