​​Direct Mail Leads

We send out mailers offering prospects the opportunity to request information about insurance to cover their burial expenses.  Interested prospects fill out the card with all pertinent contact information and mail it back. You receive all the responses. FRESH,FIXED COST DIRECT MAIL LEADS $29-$32 EACH.

Live phone Leads

Telemarketer calls prospect letting them know that government only pays up to $255 towards final expense costs, that a final expense specialist is available in their area, and would like to talk with them about a low cost life insurance program. If prospect agrees, telemarketer then lets them know agent's name and asks when the best time is for the agent to call them back.  

**Limited territories available!** 

Call us at (860) 552-4774 to see if your area is available

Activity Leads to Applications

Shoreline Financial Group knows that in order to succeed in selling insurance you must consistently have people to see.  We can be the greatest salesperson or have all of the product knowledge, but unless we have people to see, it all amounts to nothing.  The  hardest thing in this business is to get your self in front of  10 - 15 people a week who want to talk about  insurance.  This does not have to be the case we have 3 proven leads programs that will put you in front of people who are requesting to hear more about our products.

Whether you are brand new in the final expense market and trying to build up a book of business or a seasoned veteran looking to add new clients to your existing book, we have the resources to help you achieve these goals.  We have over 30 yrs. experience in this market place and have agents all around the country who are successfully working our 3 final expense lead programs.  They are proven to get you in front of new final expense qualified prospects and make more insurance sales everyday .  If you would like to talk to people who are requesting to see you, then please look at the 3 final expense lead programs below:


We post over 200 different burial insurance ads to Facebook. Prospects click on the ads to read or watch a short, informative video about Final Expense.  If interested, the prospect then provides their name, phone number, address and email. We send them an email and a text letting them know that you will be in touch with them soon to go over their insurance options with them.